We are one of the best dance schools in SE London/Kent UK, teaching a variety of dance styles to people of all ages.  We are members of the IDTA which is the largest professional dance teaching association in the world and were established in 1997.


We believe that dancing is so much more than just moving your feet to music!  We want our pupils to enjoy their dancing and look forward to classes.   There is never any pressure to ‘get it right’ and we never judge or compare anyone - all we ask is that you try your best!  


At Dance Generation all our dancers are treated equally and everyone, regardless of age or ability gets to shine at the front!  We never just put our best dancers at the front and centre, either on stage, at classes or during Exams.  


We want our classes to be a positive experience as dancing is and should be fun for everyone!


We are proud to be different from most other dance schools, because we place as much importance on the social opportunities that dancing can give people, as well as dance development itself.  The social and life skills that attending a weekly dance class can offer pupils is borne out of the many friendships that are made and the reports on increased confidence that parents have told us about that they see in their children.


If you are looking for professional, yet relaxed and patient teaching and you want to have fun, get fitter and learn to dance as well as enhance your life skills – why not give us a try?  We would love to welcome you to any of our classes.



Apart from the obvious health benefits, such as improved fitness and flexibility etc, dancing also sharpens the mind, helps with balance & coordination and it even promotes and develops your social skills.


Dancing is also good for the Spirit - we have seen many long-lasting friendships and bonds formed between pupils, young and old, who met at one of our classes during the years we have been teaching.  No other activity can boast as many benefits as dancing.  



We welcome everyone - all abilities and all ages ranging from four years to 94 years and many of our current pupils have been dancing with us for over ten years which is testament to our success and commitment to continued improvement.



Everybody and anybody can dance - two feet are all you need.  Our bodies are designed to move, not sit at a desk all day.  Dancing - which has always been an essential part of the world's culture, - is as beneficial today as it's always been.  



We are passionate about dancing!  As a specialist dance school we are just focussed on dance - we don't teach singing or acting like performing arts schools.  Dancing is FUN!  Not everybody wants to be a West End star (although if that's what you want - we can teach you those skills), so we simply want to share our passion for self expression, movement and music, through dance - with you.  



Dancing is now scientifically proven to be THE BEST form of exercise. Apart from the obvious health benefits, such as increased strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination, dancing also reduces stress, boosts feelings of well-being and happiness. Dancing also helps build confindence, it improves your memory, enhances your social skills and even keeps you young!  And... it really is such a joy to dance....


Judge Rinder (celebrity contestant on Strictly Come Dancing 2016) said on 5th November, "Everybody needs to learn to dance.. It's joy's such joy!"


You can just drop in at any class or call/text/email for more infomation.  07811 823467


ALL OUR CLASSES ARE FREE to try out!  Come & join us!


                                                                                                                                          “Never miss a chance to dance ...”